Flat Rate MLS

Lowest Flat Rate, Real Estate Marketing Service!

MLS Service For $1.39 Per DAY!

Need to sell your home’

Traditional Realtors are not delivering on their promises to sell your home. Times are tough! It’s time to get creative!

Years ago professional realtors would tell their clients ‘If you are going to sell your home fast you need to be located on a good corner!’ The Internet and the MLS are still the best corners where owners will sell their home. NO question about it, everyone shops on-line! Due to the current economic situation where homes are just sitting, and even the high cost of gasoline it becomes very important for the home selling public to have access to ‘Internet and MLS realty services’ at the lowest prices possible. Now for a very small flat fee, anyone, even ‘For Sale By Owners’ can put their homes in the MLS complete with digital pictures for as little as $1.39 a day!

Here is how it works:

1) Our Sellers are given the option to put their home into MLS for about roughly $1.39 per day. This equates to $500 up front which can be charged via our Pay Pal account and is non-refundable. There is also a $200 settlement which is collected at closing when the property closes. This is so that the client has consultation/representation at the closing table.

2) Sellers shall also receive a one year MLS contract with a one day right of cancellation which will allow your property to be listed in one of the largest MLS databases in the country! If you cannot sell your property in one year then you need help with pricing!

3) Our company will be happy to help you price your home. You will receive a free market analysis of your property which is an industry wide standard. With the savings that a flat rate commission brings you should be more able to sell your more fairly so that it will sell more quickly. (Tip: We have found through experience that properties which are marketed within 1.5% of the average unit price for a like unit within the same neighborhood will generally sell in 30 days or less!)

4) You will also receive a pro-consumer sign which has been proven to excite Buyers in any market! ‘For Sale By Owners’ will receive a ‘Brokers Welcome’ rider to attach to the main sign! (Tip: Remember most Realtors are accustomed to receiving a 3% cooperative commission. If you are not willing to pay a cooperative commission, it is not likely that a Broker will want to show your home! If the Seller should decide to give a cooperative commission, he or she should insure that it is unilaterally available to any Broker, including non-MLS brokers who might bring you a Buyer! Commissions can only be collected at the closing table after the transaction has funded.)

5) The client is also provided an appointment service and a keylock box to provide entry into the property when you are not at home. In these times, an appointment service is crucial to make sure that your home is shown when are away or unavailable. Even retirees who are at home a lot, find out that when they go out is the time when everyone wants to see their home! It never fails.

If your home is sitting and no matter where it is sitting this may be the service for you.

Here is how you sign up: Go to www.5percentrealty.com and click on the contact and fill out the form and an agent will contact you to help you with the process or any questions you may have to ask!

This may take a couple days.

*If you are in a crisis, call 1-800-752-7819 for immediate assistance!*