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Agents look at these commission programs!

First of all the 5% Realty Company consists of Realtors working together to
give the Public the best real estate services for least cost in the marketplace.

Every Agent in the 5% Realty Company is enrolled in some sort of 100%
program. This makes for a very motivated Sales Associate. When we place
the 5% Realty sign in front of properties, Buyers call asking, Does the 5% on
the sign mean we can buy this property for 5% down??

The following are some of the best commission programs for Associates in
the Real Estate industry today.

1) The 5% Realty Company Association of 100% Commission Realtors – This
program is for the Realtor who wants to do ReMAX style realty for the
least amount of cost. This entails a $350 yearly association fee, $100 a
month office fee, and a 7% transaction fee on each closed transaction.
All transactions are subject to administrative review. The Associate is
responsible for all expenses. All appointments are handled by the
Brokerage. This program is usually for the more experienced associate.

2) The 70/30 Commission Program – This program allows the Associate to
receive 70% of his/her total commission until the company receives
$18,000 in gross commissions. The Associate will be responsible for 70%
of all expenses. When the Associate reaches the $18,000 mark in
commissions the Associate will then receive 100% of all gross
commissions, but will be responsible for all their own expenses.
Associates go back to the 70/30 program on their yearly anniversary date
with the company. There is a $125 transaction fee for each closed

3) The 60/40 Commission – Most beginning Associates
will be allowed to receive 60% of their total commission. Realty
Associates will be responsible for 60% of all their expenses until they
achieve 1 million dollars in gross commissions. At this time, they will
receive 100% of the commission, and be responsible for 100% of all their
expenses. Associates go back into the 60/40 program on their yearly
anniversary date with the company. There is a $25 a month office fee and
a 7% transaction fee for each closed transaction.