5% Realty Co., Ltd. has been Benefiting the Public since 1988 when it was founded by James M. Breeden, a retired county police officer.

Having been in public service his entire life, Jimmy’s Mission to provide low cost, quality real estate services to the general public even includes mortgage loans! The whole idea was to save money for everyone. This is why we call the 5% Realty Company a Pro-Consumer real estate company. This company is designed to create a solid benefit for anyone trying to buy or sell real estate properties.

In order to create a Pro-Consumer company some very basic changes had to take place. These changes are totally opposite of how traditional real estate companies do business! The first thing that the 5% Realty Company did was to cap its commission rate at 5% of the gross sales price for any kind of real estate being sold! We put it right on the sign to let people know! We call our sign The Big Red Broken Five, because we always keep 2% for ourselves and we almost always give a 3% commission to all of the great agents who bring the buyers see our homes! This is why the other agents always love to sell our homes.

Our real estate associates are always trying to save our customers money by charging less. There is a discount for everyone!. Call about our Senior Citizens Program which is 4.5%, again we usually always give 3% to the associate who sells your home whether he or she is from an outside agency or from within our own company. Our Public Service Discount which encompasses many different professions such as active military, veterans, teachers, government, police, fire, medical, airline, union worker, and many other professionals is the only one of its kind at 4.75%! Again we nearly always give a 3% commission to the selling agent. The commission rates for properties going to foreclosure are very low! By utilizing our Distress Sale Program we can often save the Sellers credit rating, and reduce their closing costs almost to nothing. If you think you are going to foreclosure, call Jimmy Breeden immediately. This could be the call that can literally change your circumstances. For Sale By Owners, Builders, and Investors check out our Flat Rate MLS Program. If you are going to pay a 3% commission to Buyers Agent anyway, this is the program for you. Just because you’re not from Texas don’t be shy. Call us about our special Home Sellers Kit!

By using these programs, the 5% Realty Company has closed over $200,252,000 in real property sales since 1988. We are ready to help save your hard earned dollars. Take the time to give us a call, we’ll be glad to help in any way possible. No matter who you are, how old you are, or what you do for a living we have a program that will fit your budget. At the 5% Realty Company we never skimp on any service. You simply get the “Best For Less”. We have this great document we call The Five Promises ! It does not tell all there is to tell about us, but it tells you a lot. Give us a call and we will be glad to fax, email, or snail mail it to you.